About Us
B & R Bear Hunt is located near the town of Otter Lake Quebec, We have a large hunting territory consisting of farmland baits as well as northern baits in Zec Pontiac(Park).
On an average year we run as many as 65 to 100 baits.
We have fully furnished camps for both farmland and northern hunts.

We also have many lakes and rivers in our hunting territory and many logging roads to drive four-wheelers on.
We do not supply boats or motors, if you want to go fishing it is best to bring your own.


About B & R Bear Hunt

Our hunts are 6 days long and hunting takes place in the afternoon and lasts until dark.
Transportation is provided to and from baits and all baiting is done by us.
Skinning and quartering is included.

About The Hunt

About The Owners
The "B" and "R" in "B And R Bear Hunt" stands for Bob MacGregor and Randy Stacey. 
We have been hunting and guiding together for over 25 years and have been hunting all of our lives.
When we started bear guiding we were working for the original owner of the outfitter, After 13 years of working for him we have now become the owners of the outfitter and have been since 2012.
We love to hunt and we would not put a hunter on a bait that we would not be happy to be on ourselves

Bob(Left), Randy(Middle) and Vince Stefanski(Right) From Iowa after a successful crossbow hunt.